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This post is brought to you from the department of overthinking”

Podcasts, for many years had been a steady companion in my daily life, so much so, that I listen to way more podcasts, than for example music. At one point during the last year though, I started to become interested into Audiobooks, and quickly got hooked. It didn’t took long before my Audiobook habit more or less replaced my Podcast habit.

During my extensive Audiobook phase, I only caught up with a few select podcasts and marked most of them either as read or completely unsubscribed. Things were fine until I started to miss podcasts. Since my audiobook-habit started to get expensive anyway, I stopped that and focused more on podcasts again.

Now that I’m on a audiobook-hiatus, it took only a few weeks before I was having a full schedule listening to shows. And soon thereafter, as things tend to go, I started to miss listening to audiobooks, even though there wouldn’t be enough time in the day to listen any.

In short: I need to find balance between them.

During the last day I kept thinking and came up with the idea organize my listening habits by external activities. For example I can’t stand listen to music when I’m riding the bike or walk the dog. Equally listening to a podcast or audiobook while running isn’t working either. Not that I haven’t tried.

My idea is now such:

  • When on commute (bike) I will catch up with podcasts
  • When driving long distances, chores: interchange shows and audiobook
  • When walking the dog it’s audiobook time
  • When running: music

It’s not entirely thought through and needs more refinement, but it’s at least something to start with. Let’s see how this is going to work out.

I just had been running about 4km, cycled the same distance back AND had a shower. This does qualify as a Triathlon, or?

Earlier today I one link led to another and I ended up on LilyPond and remembered how I used the software about 15 years ago on Linux. If that would be available on iOS I might actually be using it again.

Recently I learned about the idea of Weeknotes which sounded intrigueing enough to give it a try

It’s a bit crazy right now. It’s getting warmer every day (which is great) it also feels earlier than in the recent years, even though the average temperature is 5 degrees celsius (according to Wolfram Alpha) and today it was only mildly warmer. But who cares.

Anyway, it’s going on steadily towards Summer vacation and during the last week I already had been sending a few (more) students to their holidays. At least from their saxophone lessons. I guess both parties will enjoy an extra portion of free time.

Talking about free time… Blogging-wise I have kept up my streak and am now at 142 days, which is needless to say, an absolute record for me. To be honest, I’m getting a bit tired of it, which I guess, is normal, but also a sign of lack of planning.

Often I find myself having too much to do during the day, that I don’t find the time to write something, or if there’s time, lacking an inspiration or idea. At least on the planning part I can easily work, the idea part though is something else, but then again, that’s part of the exercise.

And since I talk about time: catching up with my podcast backlog I realized a lot people talking about time tracking, which made me wonder whether it would be worth trying that. In the past I very infrequently tried to log how much time I spent writing arrangements, but it was a rather half-assed approach and didn’t give me any other insights than that I started something and then most likely forgot to end the timer. I will have to debate with myself about that.

One thing that I could do to be more consistent, should I be doing the time-tracking thingy, is to build (or use ready-made) Siri-Shortcuts on which I rely more and more. I have now a bunch of Shortcuts that I use daily and also added a few evoked by voice commands.

The latter has gotten a lot better since the last time I used Siri, and is a huge help for me. Usually when I’m out and about, I tend to leave (aka forget) my reading-glasses at home, which makes using the phone, or a phone, independent of size rather difficult. With the new Shortcuts I get reliably what I want. Wich is neat.

And neat is also that I just a few minutes ago, I finished to build that Shortcut that I always wanted, to log the podcasts that I’m listening to. It now works via voice command (need this) and I don’t have to unlock the phone. The latter was only possible because I used the I would have wanted to use Drafts, which has become my go-to-editor, but for that to happen I would need to unlock the phone to finish the Shortcut. Which kind-of defeats the point.

I guess the same could be achieved also with Evernote, but I’m glad that I’m already off the app, and don’t want to go down that route again. So, for this purpose I will stick with


Looking at the log, I have listened to 16 shows. I have been bingeing a bit on Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years and Ologies, here the Hagfish episode and the Cosmology episode which I currently listen stood out.

Some Stats:

According to Screentime I have used the iPad on average 4h 51m a day and the phone 1h 26m. Which kind of makes sense since I mostly work on the iPad.

Among the top apps on the phone are my RSS-Reader Iire, Safari, Overcast, What’s App and Bear, iReal Pro, Brushstroke, Safari and Drafts and Reeder.

Brushstroke I used to create the header images, such as in this post.

But now I will finally watch The Spiderverse thingy.

The whole searching-for-stuff thing would already be done if the Easter Bunny could remember where he hid stuff. Building LEGO sets in the meantime and hoping for an inspiration. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I like working with Shortcuts and so far have a few that make a few tasks a lot easier for me. One thing that I use Shortcuts for is building an easier way to log podcasts.

So far, I have built a shortcut to bookmark” quotes, or better a reminder to get the quote at a specific location in an episode in Overcast, but had some issues getting a Podcast-Log” shortcut to work. It was missing one step that I couldn’t get to work properly (or at all): Getting the title and episode out of the share-url.

Luckily in the shortcut posted in Brad Sieferst post Using RegEx to create a Saved Quotes” Shortcut I found the missing link. RegEx is surely nothing that I have drabbled with.

I have modificated the shortcut to get my Podcast-Log to work and so far it worked just fine. I can even now use a voice command to apend to my log in Drafts, which is just what I wanted.

I still have to make some adjustments, but once it’s done I will share the shortcut. Thanks again to Brad for sharing.