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Since I now moved back to iOS full-time recently, I have spent quite some time figuring out which workflows and setups work out best for me. For writing so far I stick with what I know best, iA Writer and Drafts, but I can see myself already switching over to Drafts.

Since I really used it the last time, Drafts has gotten so many new features that I am still trying to catch up. Needless to say, the possibilties to find use for it seem to be endless.

So far I have only automated blogging (Drafts and are fantastic together, never before had felt blogging so simple) and as of today, entering data into OmniFocus.

And yes, my endless struggle to decide between OmniFocus and Things 3Things 3 is surely the more beautiful app, but OmniFocus still is the one, that once my perspectives are set, in which I can look at my data in the way I want. Also great is, that I can open all my projects and perspectives from Spotlight results.

But that all will be part of another post. Now to all the things that I liked.

I like to have a bowl of Semolina, or how it’s called here, Manna, porridge for breakfast from time to time, but it is a bit time-consuming to make if it’s just one serving. When it’s just one, I like to throw it into the microwave.

In the past I looked up some instructions, and adjusted them to work for me. This is how it works for me:

Recepie (1 serving):

0,25 dl Semolina porridge
2,5 dl fat free milk
Pinch of salt

Throw all in a bowl and stir. Then 1 minute into microwave at full power (800?!), then stir and another minute. Stir again and then repeat with two or three 30 second intervals. In between always stir. Take out stir once more and let it cool down.

I have had good luck with this strategy, but depending on the strength of your microwave your mileage may vary. The 30 second steps are important, because at this part the milk might cook over. It’s advised to have a look from time to time.

In my effort simplify all things related to my digital-life I tend to make things first more complicated and then see what sticks or not. In this case: domains. Changed my domain twice during the last week and decided for the most obvious. Now I can/will finally get rid of most of the rest.

While I had been happy with Things, I, of course, ran into a thing yesterday in which I could not view my tasks in a way that I needed/wanted to. Since I own every task-manager in existence, I went back to OmniFocus. Bonus: more ways to fiddle with automations which I might or might not need.

The Bat-Wall in the kids’ room got a new, very appropriate addition.

Matthew Cassinelli has a great article on his blog on How to create a deep link to file in iCloud Drive so you can directly access it later. I did not know that this is possible. This is solving a problem for me and Once this works in Shortcuts, it might adding the links to Things even easier.