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As I finished, and enjoyed reading Atomic Habits this week I did some browsing and found a whole series on How to Master Creativity and Uncover Your Creative Genius on James Clear’s site which seems to be rather interesting. There is a lot explore there.

Finished the audiobook of Jeffrey Konvitz’ The Sentinel earlier today. The plot, the setting, the characters, the way it ends, just about everything about this book screams 70’s Horror.

I understand a movie had been made from this, and even though I have never seen it, I kind of have a good idea how it looks like. And since I was already at it, I started the sequel The Guardian as well.

Last year I read The Exorcist and earlier this month Richard Matheson’s Hell House. I’m not too familiar with the genre and am rather eclectic with my choice of books, but it seems that all of these books defined the genre one way or the other. I have seen many movies with build on these, or at least, use the same/similar clichés.

But then again, what to I know. They’re fun to read in any case.

Got a minor journaling crisis today. Pen/paper, plain-text or DayOne?! Maybe I figure out a decent balance between pen/paper and plain-text and use DayOne to collect stuff and do regular plain-text export. Not sure if that would solve something.

Finished the audiobook of James Clear’s Atomic Habits today. I think this is a very inspiring book and there is a lot to digest in there. I bought the e-book as well, and will work my way though it soon again.

Since last week’s Weeknotes was amiss, this is more of a two weeks’ note. Truth is, not much had happened in the previous week and I had been rather busy, hence I kept things short during that week.

A few weeks’ ago, I planned to improve my handwriting skills, and I managed to make some progress on that part, which considered my departure place seemed rather easy. I thought to try out a Bullet Journal and also move my Quote Collection” and stuff over to a handwritten collection.

The Bullet Journal things seems fun, but also rather labour-intensive. At this point it is still too new to me to say whether it works or not. What is nice though, is to use pen and paper. Turns out I like not-staring at a screen to get some stuff done for a while.

Also, and here’s a sentence I wouldn’t have used a month ago: I have a favourite notebook, I like the Leuchtturm 1917 much much more than a Moleskine, and a preferred ink color (Blue).

But this is all an experiment still, so let’s see where this will lead me to. Using pen and paper though, is by no-means cheaper than anything digital. Good notebooks are expensive, good pens are too.


This is easy. Holiday is getting closer and there are only a few major things going up during the next week and then the school year should be wrapped up.


During this week I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is a great book and there are a lot of interesting things in there for me.

Interesting things

Things watched

This is easy: nothing, zilch, zero. No time for that.

The Real Cat.