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Approaching the 1000th Comment and a Little Give-Away

I know what you’re thinking…. Now he’s asking for more comments and more visitors by giving away free stuff….

Yeah, some might think that, but I have to disappoint you: I’m not asking for comments, and also I’m not announcing how many comments are still left. Let’s say, there’s still some way to go.

The idea behind this is such…

When I launched this blog of mine, I just wanted to have a little blog, where I can post some of my images but I did not expect anything like the things to happen which actually happened. My images have received more comments that I would have possibly imagined, the blog enter finals, gets featured, I get interviewed and so on… It’s unbelievable, I’m overwhelmed.

To celebrate this and in order to give something back to the community, I thought it would be nice to have a little give-away. I will offer a 50x70cm sized print to the commenter who leaves the 1000th comment on this blog. It will be then image he or she has commented on.

The only thing I will say is, don’t get stressed out and just leave random comments, or try to sell me something which I don’t want or need.

It’s still a while ahead, and by the time it’s the 1000th comment, everybody will most likely already have forgotten this. In fact, it’s most likely that I will notice it way too late.

I will then contact the winner and also announce it here on the blog.