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Aperture Monday: Layer Opacity Trick

One of the many things that I enjoy about Aperture is possibility to mask or brush in/away almost every adjustment that I made. It’s a huge time saver and easily saves some time in Photoshop. Sometimes though I made an adjustment for the whole image, like a curve or levels adjustment, and I wished there would be the possibility to adjust the opacity of this layer.

I was looking for something like an opacity slider for quite some time and the only possibility appeared to be adjusting the curve. Just the other day though I figured out a solution which works easily if the adjustment is applied to the whole image.

Let’s say I have a created a curve adjustment which is applied to the whole image. I have spent some time in getting a good adjustment but then later have the feeling it is a little too strong. If I would be working in Photoshop I would simply reduce the layer opacity in order to avoid messing around with the adjustments. In Aperture I could be done like this:

First I select Brush Curves In” from the curves adjustment panel.

Once the curve’s brush panel appeared I select the strength. In this example around 0,6, or 60%.

Next I use the option and choose Apply to entire photo” and it’s done, the adjustment is now applied to the whole image with an opacity of 60%.

Do I wish now to change the opacity I can repeat these steps and adjust accordingly, or simply brush in/out selective areas. Do I want to remove the layer adjustment, Clear from entire photo” removes the layer/brush.

Sure this is more of a work-around but it does the trick.

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