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Quiet-ly Taming The Desktop

Every now and then I feel compelled to post something else than the usual photographic content here on the blog. Most of the time this happens once I learn, figure out, or simply find something useful which is worth a few more words than a simple share on one of the many social networks. Usually it has something to do with productivity, such as post.

Like many of you I have upgraded to Mac OS Lion after its release in Summer and among all it’s features, I pretty much enjoy using full-screen apps. I have been a huge fan of going full-screen for years already and having access to more fullscreen-apps on the desktop perfectly suits my workflow.

It is though not always entirely satisfying. I find that many full screen apps work better on smaller screens, like on a MacBook. On larger screens though the application windows often become, well, unpleasantly large and it’s actually more complicated to work in then. Surely some applications work very well, Lightroom would be one of them (before you mention it, I am aware it’s not natively full-screen, but still) but imagine something like OmniFocus in full-screen on a 24inch monitor.

Nevertheless I prefer to work in one app at a time in an isolated environment, and have been looking for a pleasant solution for issue.

Just during the last week Brett Terpstra, known for one of my favorite productivity tools Marked and a major Markdown inspiration, brought an app called Quiet in a recent blog post to my attention which turned out to be the solution I have been looking for.

Essentially Quiet simply hides everything else but the currently running app with either a black background or the desktop wallpaper and leaves the app window in its current state. Simple, effective and just what I needed.

My favorite writing app iA Writer only with my desktop. It hardly will get any less distracting and more inspiring.My favorite writing app iA Writer only with my desktop. It hardly will get any less distracting and more inspiring.

I would like to have the possibility to configure it that way, that it launches automatically together with certain applications, but I guess, one can’t have everything.

For more information visit Brett’s post or visit the app-store.