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One Night In Lapland

I used a few days off to start my vacation with a short photo-trip to Lapland. It has become a habit, that I as soon as my vacation begins head out and spent some time doing my landscape photography. In fact I usually take the liberty starting a little early, which requires me to be back for my last day at work, hence the first one is usually only a one-nighter.

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Actually doing this…

Been here plenty before but never noticed this image. Need to come back soon.

You don’t know the power of the…

Episode V …

Darth Cake - Episode 1 Successful

After 6hrs of driving finally at location. Quick nap and while waiting for the right light.


It’s only a little while ago that I missed some gorgeous light on the coastline and I returned to this beach which noticed earlier while driving along the road. On this location though, the conditions work for me. The light is soft and warm and the sky is beautifully lit by the sun which is hidden behind a layer of clouds just above the horizon. This beach is located slightly south of the city of Berlevag (Google Maps defines this location as Sandfjorden, let’s just assume this is correct), and the scenery bears some interesting views: tilted rocks, ponds and puddles reflecting the light from the sky, some green in the grass and some coastal mountains in the background, what else can one look for?

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Finished shooting for today. Let’s see how they look at home.

The Golden Chocolate Triangle

The first green. About time…

Eggum View

We’re just on the way back from the Lofoten with the direction to our home in Finland . We’re not in a hurry and we use the chance to stop now and then to explore and enjoy some of the scenery, as we did right here in Eggum. This is the way we the clouds have been most of the time for the first few days of the trip. It is amazing how low clouds can get in this area, also is it always surprising how different the conditions are around there.

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Yellow Bike



St.Michael's Mount in the Dark

Actually it’s just before sunrise but it just does sounds better this way, doesn’t it? Having published my Cornwall e-book already last year I haven’t been looking through my archives from there much recently. Since I’m in the middle of the process of updating my galleries recently, I found this gem in there which I once processed, and then obviously forgot about. I had explored the coast the day before and returned early in the morning to be in place at sunrise.

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You know why…


A Smaller Kind of 'scapes

I jump-started my photographic season (at least the more local one) for this year already a few week ago and luckily I already had the chance to take advantage of some nice weather. By the time of this writing there’s still a decent layer of snow every now and then and the sea is still frozen over, but it’s getting there quickly. To make the beginning of the season as productive as possible I decided to focus on the smaller landscapes, a theme that I have not been necessarily neglecting but one that I’m at least not so familiar or comfortable with this.

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Still Frozen…

Finnish vegetable


Eventful day. Images turned out like I hoped and scouted for next time already. Sweet.

At work, waiting, killing time…

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