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My Solarized OmniFocus Theme

As I mentioned in my previous post I had some sort of spring-cleaning going on and as you can imagine this wasn’t limited to this blog only. I have been, and in fact still am, in the process of tweaking many things in my on- and offline-life. One of these tweaks had been starting off with a fresh OmniFocus-Theme.

Over on OFThemes one can find quite a nice selection of themes and I gave quite a few of them a fair try. In the end though (and to have a bit more control on the outcome) I thought I’d rather put together my own version of a solarized theme. I don’t know exactly how mine differs from the others, but naturally I do enjoy this one.

My OmniFocus themeMy OmniFocus theme
My OmniFocus theme

If you want to use it yourself you are welcome to download it from here, but to get the full thing you will also need to download and install the Open Sans font which you can get from Google Webfonts.

For the time being I have only made a light colour scheme. I have tried a few dark ones myself but usually found some of the elements of the interface (checkboxes and arrows come to mind) hard to spot. Should I ever have the urge and figure out how to make one without running into these issues I might change that in the future.

Should you choose to install this one, I hope you do enjoy it as much as I do.