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Byword on iOS and External Keyboards

Most of my writing is done on the iPad and whenever I really sit down and do some more extensive writing I use it in conjunction with an external keyboard (still waiting for the K760 to arrive, not that I’m bitter). Despite my current on/off text-editor preferences I now stick with Byword almost exclusively.

The app itself features many super-useful (auto)parings via the extra-row, but what about an external keyboard?

The other day I figured by accident that these pairings not only work with an external keyboard [1] but also that they also work with selected text. Simply select some text and add the desired pair of choice. One klick on *’ adds italics a double bold and so forth. Couldn’t be any easier!

It’s small things like this that make this app so useful. Looking forward to see what comes up in future releases of this app.

  1. Admittedly it’s not much of a time saver with an external keyboard considered that brackets for example are next to each other anyway.  ↩

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