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A Thought on Thinking and Writing

Earlier today I had a few free minutes at work and did what I often do in this situation: I started to write a bit. In this particular case it turned out to be a rant which I planned to post in the evening.

Well, since you read this now, you will have guessed already, I didn’t published it.

In fact the usual happened: the more I wrote and the more I spent on constructing the right sentences, and the more I thought about the right choice of words, the clearer my thoughts became.

As so often before, through the process of writing, I, without intending to do so in the first place, got a so much clearer image or point of view on the issue. In the end I realized that this written thing, was not meant to be published, but only for myself and in the meanwhile my annoyance had vanished.

Once I stopped writing I started to catch up with my Instapaper queue by reading Michael Loops’s latest article The Elegant Email and stumbled into this quote, explaining the very same:

As a person who spends a good portion of his life figuring out what he thinks by writing it down, I have learned to recognize when an email is therapy is for me and only me. I still write that 17-paragraph opus about the horrifying mess that is our interview process, but halfway through the rant I realize this mail is just for me.

Even though he talks about his way of finding clarity in a different context, the outcome is the same: writing to actually understand the (my) own thoughts. In this case I realized that the rant I wrote is, or better was, only for me and not meant for the blog.

Funny, how things go from time to time.

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