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Yet Another Absolutely Non Weekly Post

Another week and another weekly… no, wait. Okay, by now it’s safe to say that I totally don’t manage to find time to publish a weekly post on this blog. I have started quite a few posts, but never succeeded finishing them. Mostly, it wasn’t lack of inspiration, but lack of time. But well, here’s another try and since you read this now, I actually succeeded. App-Stuff As the snow now has finally melted 1, it has been time for some spring cleaning (as usual I should say) and I have been reorganising and re-thinking the way I usually try to organise and do stuff.

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I was listening to John Coltrane’s Lazy Bird and was thinking that I should transcribe that solo, when I realized that I transcribed it already more than 10 years ago. Will have to play it through, check for mistakes and then publish it here at some point.



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