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I needed to have only one simple thing working: a preview and export of MultiMarkdown tables. Really Not that big of a deal.

Before I started using Nebulous Notes as my text editor of choice on the iPad, I have had used Byword as my main editor. Byword handles all things MultiMarkdown very well and it was a no-brainer moving the needed files over to Bywords iCloud folder. I never had issues with it and a quick check showed the files on my iPad and I left to work.

A quick check…

I’m not sure what has happened, but for some reason the files didn’t really made it up into the cloud. I could see the files but not open at all. They stuck on earth so to say.

After some deleting, copying, moving, re-installing some files made it while others refused to be opened at all. The fact that some files opened on the phone but not on the iPad (and vice versa) didn’t made the situation anymore bearable. There was no logic to that whatsoever.

Finally in the afternoon, after many hours things started to work as they used to. Prior to this, I never have had any issues with iCloud syncing. I just hope that this was only a little glitch and that these issues don’t persist.