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So, I installed

Apple’s own got updated during the last days and naturally I gave it a try again. I used it before ever so often but never was quite satisfied and always switched back to whichever application I was using at the time. Until recently I preferred Pocket Casts.

The updated version introduced links in show notes (which was long overdue I might add) and Siri integration. The latter is a nice addition. Most of the time I listen to podcasts while driving on the bike and the possibility to easily play or skip episodes without fumbling on my phone at the same time is really nice. I’m not quite sure about the syntax and did some trial and error which naturally caused some amusing conversations.

In my testing during the last week syncing my devices worked very well. I once manually marked all episodes as played on all my devices, but since then they all had been always in sync. This included subscriptions, played/unplayed states and playing-positions not only for new episodes but also back issue episodes that I manually downloaded (between iOS devices).

I wrote before that I have been trying quite a few clients but as of now none has been the one. Switching podcast clients is always a bit of a pain in the rear-end and I really would like to keep that to a minimum in the future and for the time being I will stick with It has been working very well for me during this period and it supports the devices I’m usually listening on.

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