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On Dr.Who

Even though the series has been around since forever, I think that I, before recently of course, never knowingly watched an episode of the series. Considered that it has been around since 1963 it should at have been available during my childhood, but I am unsure if it was on TV in Germany at all back then. I can be very wrong on this one.

I remember that there were series around like Time Tunnel or Space 1999. None of which I have any other distinct memory of than their intros. In hindsight, I do remember seeing an image of a Dalek in a movie magazine for cinematic special effects, which I got because of its Star Wars special features. Yes… it’s that long ago.

But I’m drifting…

Obviously I’m not familiar with the older seasons but since Netflix has the reboot of the series available I thought I’ll give it a try. Truth to be told, it were in fact two tries. On first attempt I barely made it through the first episode Rose. On second viewing though, I decided to give it more of a chance. Luckily so.

Once I overcame my first well-that-is-weird feeling and got deeper into the show I started to get hooked. The series does have it’s very own feel to it which needed some getting used to, but I really like it.

Despite watching the series only for a little while (I am currently somewhere in the middle of the third season) I have seen already quite a few exciting episodes. My favourites of these are so far:

There’s still a lot to explore and even though I found this guide from Jason Snell I prefer to watch the series chronologically and make up my own mind. Considered that season 5 of The Walking Dead has started, my flow will most likely slow down a bit.

But then again, it’s vacation time. Maybe there will be Dr.Who marathon, which I believe is old-school for binge-watching.