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Some Stats

One of the fun things of running a blog here on is the yearly report at the end of the year. I told you already that I enjoy some nice info-graphics, and the yearly report is one of those. It’s indeed a very nice interactive graphic. Sadly though, and this caused entirely by myself, the stats are off almost every year, since I tend to move my blog somewhere else (twice to Ghost, once to Scriptogram, and at least once or twice to a self-hosted WP install over the course of the last few years) and then return to Wordpress.

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Merry Christmas

The Books I Read in 2015

I remember how I realised at the end of last year how few books I have managed to read during that year. In fact I was even a little bit shocked about it. So something had to be done and I challenged myself to read at leas one book more during this year. TL;DR I managed, even though I still don’t read as much as I would like to. I planned to read a bit every day, and mostly I succeeded with that.

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4 years

Today it’s four happy years with much more to come.

Todoist Master

I wrote a lot, if not too much, about my constant back and forth between various task-managers, but for quite some time I am happily using Todoist. One of the funnest features of it is the Karma system. For a week or so I tried OmniFocus again, but was totally missing getting Karma points every time I check-off a task and quickly switched back and haven’t looked back since.

Home-screen for November 2015

It is time for another home-screen post. In fact, no major changes compared to my last one. A few more applications have become, maybe not useless, but so rarely used that I decided to get them off of my first screen. NEW: Google Play Music: I have used Google Play Music in the past, and as a matter of fact, like it a lot. The recommendations are even after little usage, much better than on Apple Music and it respects that I from some artists really don’t want to have ANY recommendation whatsoever.

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The Laptop Epiphany

Since the iPad had been released, and even before it was officially available around here I have been using and have been a huge fan of the device. I have gone through many lengths to make it work for me and essentially adjusted the way I work to fit the device. Even a few weeks, after being forced to carry around a laptop and work from there for a few, I was looking for to going back to my workflows and work from the iPad again.

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A Mobley Loop

“Learn to BeBop on changes like Hank Mobley first. It tells you when to stop.” Those were roughly the words one of my all-time heroes Rick Margitza said to me when I had the chance to have a lesson with him in New York. And even though more than twenty years ago, it hasn’t told me when to stop. Up to this day I enjoy working on lines. Hank is without any doubt one of the most precise players that I have heard.

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The Paperwhite

At the end of last year I wrote a piece about my inability to read as much as I would like to, and I kind of challenged myself to improve on this. Suffice to say, that it is not there where I would like it to be, but at least it has gotten better. First off I continued with reading Packing For Mars which had been on my list already last year and eventually managed to finish it.

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Home-Screen For October 2015

It’s that time of the month. The lack of difference between the current the one from July does not convey the changes it has undergone during the last few months. While both seem rather Android-ish, in between I had a very different setup. A lot of applications had been replaced only to be re-replaced, if there’s a such a thing, shortly thereafter . OmniFocus replaced Todoist for a while, re-appeared and I started to use either Mail.

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Nothing makes the end of vacation more apparent than the first few weeks at work. I guess that is rather natural, but recently it was even more so than usual. The last two and a half weeks were full of to-be-met deadlines with a lot of arrangements that had to be written. Yet I did somehow manage, alongside of my usual amount teaching, to write all in all 11 eleven arrangements while still trying to be also being available at home and not to stress too much about it.

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Hipster Workspace

Ice Bear

Home-screen for July 2015

I planned to publish this, or better, a post like this for a long time. My last home-screen-post is already a long time ago, and an update is more than overdue. As so often before, I had started to write the post, but since I never had been satisfied with the actual home-screen, hence also never finished the post either. This, my current set-up had been in the works for quite some time but currently I enjoy it quite a bit.

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First time this year.


Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

The Red Horn

A concert with trombonist Nils Landgren was planned for many, many years and now it finally happened. How great is that. I heard first about it many years ago and apparently this weekend’s gig with the Oulu All Starts Big Band was booked more than 1,5 years ago. Needless to say it was a great gig. The place was full and we played well and Landgren was fantastic. It was fun, very inspiring and challenging to play with a master like him, a real treat.

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Before They Disintegrate - Pt.2

The other day a few more T-Shirts arrived and they are already among my favourites. So, even before they start to disintegrate eventually, an image for the digital archive: And yes, still not ironed.

Before They Disintegrate

As a kind of digital preservation, and a reminder to myself which shirts I own. Think of it as a digital wardrobe of sorts. The other day I got a new T-Shirt and this was again a reminder how many of my tees had become a favourite. The go-to shirt. Sadly though they get worn too much and eventually start to rip apart up to the point they almost completely dis-integrate get thrown away and then eventually forgotten.

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A Looping Exercise

Some of my favourite etudes that I ran into over the years are the Kröpsch Clarinet etudes, especially the first volume. The exercises are short, almost easy to remember and overall effective, challenging and fun to play. I always wished there would be something like that for Jazz saxophone studies. Last year Eric Alexander published a book with similar exercises which are fun to play and easily to be used in improvisations.

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