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The Podcast Client Situation Part 2

I told you that I will let you know once I have a solution to my Podcast client issue, and even though I try to convince myself a little bit more, I might have solved it. Which is code for essentially I gave up.

Since the first post on this I have continued to fiddle around with the three third party apps, but eventually I came to the conclusion that neither of them really fulfils my needs. As stated earlier, each app has it’s pro’s and cons but neither managed to win me over. Pocket Casts was the one that I liked the most, has the best feature set and feels the most solid. Still I went back to does many of the things that are important to me rather well, or at least much to my liking. I can browse around and listen to episodes from new Podcasts without having subscribe to them, which is nice for trying out new show. The major feature why I went back though is that I can yell at it.

During the few days that I was using Pocket Casts, I had to take out my phone and fiddle with playlists, be it for skipping purposes or switching to a different show, a couple of times. I know this sounds like the first of all first-world problems, but when you are walking a dog in a snow-storm, riding a bike at minus 15 degrees when you are (as always) already late, and have to stop to take off gloves and select episodes, you will think about this, admittedly minor inconvenience, differently.

One main issue that I had with was the lack of at least some sort of basic bookmarking feature. But after looking more closely at my podcast-bookmarking-habits, I had to realise that I actually don’t bookmark much to begin with. Also I figured that bookmarking in the app (whichever that might be) is not much of a help either. It simply adds one more step, during which I have think where to look for, as in; Did I save this in Pocket Casts, or was it Instacast, or….

Instead it is probably much easier to simply add a bookmark via the share-sheet to Pinboard (via the Pinboard-app of my choice) or to OmniFocus if I want to transcribe a quote. This is much easier and I have all bookmarks in one place.

And what about the desktop, iTunes you ask?

Yeah, I did had some sync-issues there, but signing-out and deleting my subscriptions and signing back-in seems to have fixed this. At least now subscriptions and episodes are in-sync.

For the time being I have found a good working solution for me, which, after having used the app for a couple of months already, I could have seen coming. But that’s nothing new either.

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