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While looking for new audiobooks on Spotify, I ran, much to my surprise, into some with the works of Charles Bukowski. I found a couple of readings and a german-language audiobook of Der Mann mit der Ledertasche which is the somewhat oddly translated title of Post Office.

When I was young I read everything from Bukowski that I could get my hands on. Today it would be binging, then I just read a lot. Something that I haven’t done much since then. Years have passed, boxes of books have been packed, unpacked, shuffled around, moved from one apartment to the other, yet his books have followed me all the time and still have a place in my bookshelf. The audiobook of Der Mann mit der Ledertasche is actually rather nice to listen to and is very well read/performed, that is, if you understand german of course. His own readings that I found on Spotify are as well very good. Some of the poems and works in the readings I still could remember.

In the readings happens a lot of interaction with the audience and his poems and banter tend to be full of great quotable one-liners[^-361149725].

One of the most popular books by him is of course Ham On Rye. I have read in german and it is one of the few books that I read more than once. Inspired by these findings I have put it on my reading-list again, this time in the original version.

Further reading

If this got you a bit interested into the work of Charles Bukowski I’d recommend heading over to Open Culture where had been quite a few articles published on his work.

  1. If I ever find the time I might actually sit down and collect some of these. 

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