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5th Anniversary

My wonderful wife got me a great gift for our wedding anniversary. I believe under normal circumstance the 5th anniversary is referred to as the wooden one, but I believe it must be the Millennium Falcon one. What an awesome gift from my lovely wife.

The Books I finished in 2016

Two years back I realized that I by far don’t read enough and started to do something about it. And even though I made some progress in 2015 I challenged myself to at least read one more book than I did in 2015. Seven books would suffice, which seemed manageable. So, I did what every reasonable person would do and had set a goal in my Google Calendar app to read every day.

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I was eyeballing this domain since it was announced and got almost the one that I wanted. Wordpress had announced the new .blog top-level domain already months and I was interested in one from the beginning. I refrained though during the pre-register period to reserve my desired domain. The pre-register pricing was simply too high. Anyway, since yesterday the domains are available to purchase, and, even though my desired domain was naturally taken already, I got the next best thing: svens.

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106 Days

My time back on iOS didn’t lasted very long. 106 days to be precise. In the beginning of the year I switched to Android and was very happy and satisfied with the whole experience. I like Android as an OS, I like the integration with all the Google services, the awesomeness of Google Now and the fact that I can customize it to my liking. To make it work just right for me.

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At the Toy Store

We visited a toy store and obviously everyone had some fun there. I like the cartoonish images one can create with Prisma. It does seem to work best with matte coloured motifs.

A Road Trip through Norway: Part 3

Some more images from the trip.

Lego Carbon Freezing Chamber

A great birthday gift which is fun to look at and was fun to built.

Software Boxes

I found some old software buried deep in some boxes: The time, one actually went out and bought software and operating systems in a box, seems ages ago.

A Road Trip through Norway

Summertime is Road Trip time! This time I took the kids for a round trip over to Norway. It went as planned: many kilometers and lots of things to see in a rather short time. Despite it having been only a short visit the covered area was quite large. We went all the way from Rovaniemi (Fi) over Kilpisjärvi (Fi) to Trömsö (N), from there to the island of Somaroy, then from the island of Senja over Narvik and Kiruna (Swe) back to Finland.

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7 Years Later: It's still there

Things to consider when trying a new Mouthpiece

It’s that time of the year when I am trying a couple of mouthpieces for the alto again. I grew a bit tired off my Meyer #8 which I have used now for about 3 years and it was time for a change. The mouthpiece simply doesn’t have the qualities that I was looking for and now I was starting to look for something new and, most importantly, different. A couple of emails and a few days later I received a bunch of new mouthpieces and was ready to give them a try.

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Coffee-Break is Over

Two weeks ago, I had my first cup (actually three) of coffee and one Latte after four months and 9 days of avoiding coffee. During that time I stuck to tea and after quite a bit of experimentation also found one that I like and am able to enjoy. Yet, it’s no coffee. So, after having said first coffee, it was obvious that it wouldn’t take long before I had my next couple of cups.

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So, I went to take pictures

I un-dusted the camera and took it for a quick walk. For the first time in years (the last time I believe was this one) I actually went out to take some pictures. I had some ideas what to photography and went out of habit to a familiar place. As usual the light, which was beautiful the whole day through, changed to the worse just in time for sunset. But then again also the sea was obviously still frozen which made long exposures that I planned pretty much useless.

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Home Screen for April 2016

One of my main motivations to switch over to Android, was to be able to set up the device just the way I want to. The way it suits my needs and wishes the best. Which is good, simply because, and yes, you guessed right: I get to tinker again. For a while now, I was using the Google Launcher, and was (and still am) very satisfied with it. I like to have Google Now right there on the left screen, so I wasn’t much motivated to switch to another launcher.

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Similarities or Universal Truths?

As a musician and a person who enjoys to write (which in fact is more typing) I am always trying to improve my skills. Whether it is on the music side, or the writing side. To improve my writing skills I am currently reading William Zissner On Writing Well, which is very good and inspiring. What struck me, is that many of the presented ideas and concepts can be in the same way applied to improving ones musical skills, if just writing is replaced with playing or improvising.

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Coffee Withdrawal

As you rightly guessed by the title of this blog (note: Then ‘Too Much Latte’), I really like coffee. Like a lot. I used to drink all day long. Day in, day out. The first one in the morning always was the most important one as it has been major part of my morning routine: coffee and my news feeds. Whether I was browsing the web, processing images, writing arrangements at 4am or writing some posts for this blog the cup of coffee, or even better, the mug of Latte was always right next to me.

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