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The Books I Read in 2017

The stats from Goodreads came in the other week and I was happy to realize that I reached my reading-goal for this year. I didn’t succeed with big fanfare though, as I just nailed it with 17 out of 17 books. Okay, the year is not over yet, and I just started reading Persepolis Rising, and still have John Scalzi’s ”Your Hatemail will be Graded” in the works, but somehow I doubt I will get either done still this year.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!

At the official 100yrs gig

Had fun the other day performing with the OASBB at the official 100year celebration of the Finnish independence.

A Pumpkin instead

I planned to publish a short-story but all you get is a picture of a pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

First Snow

First snow for this Winter.

A BeBop-Scale Loop

I like to come up with looping exercise like this, because they are a quick way to learn some new material and built-up vocabulary and technique. It’s time for another looping exercise. While practicing I was looking for a way to run through BeBop-scales in all keys following the ideas/concept as described in Jeff Elwood’s e-book Developing Be-Bop Lines and came up with this little loop. The exercise follows the idea breaking down the BeBop scale into three arpeggios followed by the BeBop passing note (again check out his book, it’s worth it) and then resolves into the next chord in the cycle of 4ths.

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Room with a View

What's next in my Reading List

The other day I finally (I’m sorry to put it this way) finished “The Night Ocean” and am now thinking what to read next and this is what I came up with. Even though the I have managed to read more or less regularly during this year I did not read as much as I hoped to. I finished the Expanse series (okay the novellas are still waiting for me) but aside the aforementioned “The Night Ocean” by Paul La Farge not much else.

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The Road to Narvik

Fast as always I finally came around to process some of the images from last year. Took this one on the road to Narvik.

Aikuinen Nainen

Aikuinen nainen. Great concert today with OASBB!

Fishing Cottage

A fishing cottage on Senja, Norway.


After the Big Band concert I had the chance to meet one of my all-time heroes Jerry Bergonzi


Rocks and cottage in the mountains between Norway and Sweden.


A beautiful white beach at Bøvær.

Cape North

Cape North is even foggier and stormier than last time. One day we might actually see something.

Vantage Point

A vantage point on the way to Bøvær.


On the way to Norway in Abisko National Park.

Home-Screen for July 2017

It’s almost as it was a few months ago, but in between there were a lot of changes On the first sight there have not been many changes on the home-screen this month, or better, since the last time I have published one but many changes have happened under the hood. First of all, I am back to Action Launcher. Action Launcher had been my favourite launcher for quite some time, but prior it’s recent update I had some issues with it displaying not all the available app shortcuts, but Nova Launcher did.

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"You may be drinking something that gives a burn from top to bottom"

Matt Gemmell in Whisky: Whisky, like any non-clear spirit, is an acquired taste - and I mean acquired in the same way that we acquire wealth, or possessions: it takes work. You have to actually decide that you’re going to drink it. That’s the first step.The next step is that you do drink it, and then usually you wish you hadn’t. Matt Gemmell One of my favourite articles from Matt and since I have gotten recently not only one, but two, bottles of scotch as a gift, I am about ready to give them a try.

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Superhero Cake

For the 2nd birthday of our daughter, Tiina made her a cake of her two favourite superheros.


Ouch! Of course the mouthpiece had to break in the morning, just before a concert.

Hauska Vappu

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