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Another milestone here on the blog. I almost didn’t notice, but my last post also turned out to be the 1000th post here on the blog. Quite the milestone. The blog had so far quite the odyssey since in inception in 2008. First photoblog, then photography blog, then merged with my personal blog (, had been hosted of variety of services, Pixyblog, Wordpress ( now and the majority of the time and self-hosted), Scriptogram, Ghost and probably somewhere else in between.

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It was long coming but I made the switch back to a Windows machine the other day, and it’s great My old MacBook Pro had reached end-of-life already a while ago and it was time for a replacement and ultimately time for a change. My computer usage and preferences have changed, and I have grown bored (and to some extent frustrated) with Macs for various reasons, so it was time to look elsewhere.

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The next books on my Reading List

I’m taking a short break from the Expanse series. I just finished reading the 3rd book in the Expanse series, Abaddon’s Gate, and already look forward to the next book, Cibola Burn, which is already waiting for me on my Kindle. Since I now read the first three installments in a row, I thought it would be nice to read something else in between and already have something in the line.

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New York State Of Mind: Tenor-Solo

A transcription of Richie Cannata’s tenor solo on Billy Joel’s New State Of Mind A student needed to play the solo and I tried to find a transcription. Since I couldn’t find a transcription online and had a little downtime I quickly made one myself. It’s a rather slow tune, which makes the rhythmical notation somewhat cryptic, and in a few spots I’m not entirely sure if everything is correct.

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Home-Screen for January 2017

New year, new home-screen. Sort of. My monthly home-screen is already two months late, which is mostly to the reason that it hasn’t changed all much. I take this as good news since I have a setup that actually works well for me. My launcher of choice is still Action Launcher, which alongside many other new things, recently introduced Pixel style features: such as some visuals as well as QuickCuts.

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