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More Winter-Panoramas

Today, on the last day of the year we took the opportunity for a quick trip to Koitelinkoski. We have been here plenty before and this is one of our favourite places nearby. We grilled some sausages and I took a couple of panoramas. I selected one horizontal and one vertical for this post. The horizontal one was rather challenging since the white-balance changed rather radically from one left to right.

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A Winter Panorama

A lot of snow came down a few days ago and covered the landscapes with a couple of centimetres of fresh and clean snow. I always liked the look of fresh snow on the trees and took many similar images in the past. I visited this place already earlier in the morning, but it was still a tad too dark to take panoramas then. During dusk/dawn they tend to come out a tad too unsharp using the phone’s image processor, so I did the obvious and came back a little later to try again.

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Visiting the Moomin Snowcastle

Over the weekend we had some fun with a spontaneous visit to the Moomin Snowcastle at the Santa Village in Rovaniemi. The snowcastle is rather large, yet not so much a “castle”, but more of an exhibition of snow-carvings, which in my opinion is much better and more entertaining. It was the first really cold day of this winter and my phone made sure to remind me that it doesn’t agree much with the minus twenty-something degrees outside.

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Merry Christmas

I could not think of a better image to wish you a Merry Christmas with than one straight from Santa Village. It’s the real one (trust me) and the image is a bit blurry, but you try to hold the phone still long enough at minus twenty-whatever degrees. Related: earlier that day we ran into the real Santa taking off from work. I’m not sure though why he took the elevator.

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The one with the "Murderbot" and other Novellas

I posted a short micro-blog the other day, when I started with the Murderbot Diaries, and in the meanwhile I of course finished the whole series. Suffice to say, that I liked it a lot. Great story, great writing and the character of the Murderbot is just the best. At the moment there are four books in this series (a fifth one is said to be published in 2020 and a prequel on Wired) and it was one of the few books (or series in this case) where the thought: “Hey let’s listen to this again” crossed my mind.

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Seven years and 70 socks

For our seven-year wedding anniversary my wife surprised me fittingly with seventy pairs of socks. Which is brilliant and the best gift ever! I don’t know about your sock drawer, so they are still in a box and it looks something like this: The fun of this gift aside, I realized how much time these sock might save me a lot of time during the year. A highly unscientific guess of mine is, that I on average spent about 3 min a day looking for socks, or worse a sock.

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Gingerbread Castle

My wife has finished this year’s gingerbread house, or castle in fact. My idea of simply wrapping the dough about, say a ready-built Lego house and bake that in the oven, was rejected (my wife naturally much wiser than I am) but it may have inspired curved templates. Now we just have to wait a while before we can eat it.

5.0 and waiting for Twenty Nineteen

Now that WordPress 5.0 has landed I’m eagerly awaiting for the new default theme Twenty Nineteen to arrive on as well. I learned earlier that there are some issues at the moment, but I hope that they are going to be resolved soon. For the time being I have switched back to Independent Publisher 2, since it is already Gutenberg-ready, or at least more so than my previously, rather extensively tweaked theme.

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It’s still a work in progress…

My wife started to built this year’s gingerbread house. It’s still under construction but it is going to be nice again

Last Gig

At the last soundcheck on this trip.

Kaunis Pää

We used a bit downtime to walk up to the top of Kaunis Pää. What a nice view from here.

Arctic Circle

Gigging way up in the North today. Even though I crossed the Arctic circle uncountable times, it for some reason never looses its charm.

Frozen Rhubarb

Frozen over rhubarb surely is stuff out of Lovecraftian dreams.

Stuff I watched during the last few weeks

The other week a nasty virus took me down and I had been on sick-leave for a couple of days. Since the kids were in kindergarten I had not much to do during the day, so I did the inevitable and checked out some movies and series on Netflix, something that I usually don’t have time to. First off I started watching the third season of Daredevil. I watched the first two seasons quite a while ago, and it took a while before I started to remember what happened just previously.

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The Audiobooks and one other thing that I listened during the last weeks

Since finishing the The Complete Sherlock Holmes I have read a few more books, but, aside the Herbie Hancock autobiography didn’t came around to quickly post a note to the blog. This is unacceptable of course. Anyway, here is now the list, because you need to know: John Scalzi: RedshirtsHerbie Hancock: PossibilitiesJohn Scalzi: The Android’s DreamThe X-Files: Cold Cases (technically this is not really a book, it’s an audio-drama in fact, and features both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and it is a hell of a fun and I will definitely get the follow-up as well) Currently I’m listening (I still can call it reading):

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Finally new glasses

After sitting on and breaking my previous glasses, and sticking with crap glasses from the supermarket for a while, I finally got new ones. Nice to see again sharply. Related: when I got my first, and previous glasses, I still was on ADN and posted it there. Seems ages ago. Also related: the piano looks scratched quite badly.

The finished Lego BB-8

The other day I got the Lego BB-8 as a birthday gift and we had a blast putting it together. Some parts, especially the inner ones controlling the moving bits, were surprisingly tricky to put together. In short a nice challenge. The model is just lovely, I especially enjoy the wobbling head part: Also the stand adds for a really nice presentation and the droid just looks nice on the nightstand.

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8 Years on

The other day I got the notification that I joined 8 years ago. Cool! As great as this sounds, it is only correct for this instance of the blog. I started more or less seriously focusing on blogging about a year earlier with my now long defunct photoblog From 10 to 300mm. Earlier this year I started to dig out some of those entries via Wayback Machine and the earliest post that I could recover dates back to 17th of August 2008.

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Koitelinkoski Panorama

On the weekend we took advantage and went to Koitelinkoski to grill. It was nice weather and despite being quite full of visitors there we found a very good place to make a fire and throw some sausages on it. The panorama feature of phone did a good job again.

The One With All The Hama Beads

I think my wife has started this Hama-Beads-craze around here by un-digging the Hama-Beads which lay dormant for years on shelf in the kids room. In the beginning it were only a few random patterns and by now the situation got slightly out of hand. In the meanwhile I bought a couple of bags of new colours and some small cases to store them in (of course) and searched online for some nice patterns (of which there are surprisingly many).

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The Falcon

The Star Wars exhibition at Legoland is very nice. Some real great models there. Especially this Millennium Falcon.

Approaching Stockholm

A panorama taken approaching Stockholm.


For the 3rd birthday of our daughter, my wife made her a cake of her favourite Ninja.

Ninja-Go Lego Dragon

Spend a good time of the morning yesterday building this with our son. This turned out very nicely.

Hauska Vappu!

Update: Next time I put on glasses when uploading an image, so to pick a sharp one. Image replaced.

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