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Rocky Shore on Senja

I was supposed to prepare some images needed for work today, when I realized that my Lightroom install mysteriously still was activated (not that I’m complaining) and I found this image from a trip two years’ ago. Taken on the island of Senja/Norway, under less than optimal light is still is a great place to be, and a nice memory from this road trip with my kids. And yes, still got my work-related images done.

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At the Särestöniemi Museum

On the way to Levi we had a quick stop at the Reidar Särestöniemi resort, which is now a museum. He is considered one of Finland’s most famous painters.

Walking the Dog

While walking the dog.


Got stuck?!



Homescreen for March 2018

I know it’s been a while and I needed to search a bit until I found the last home-screen post . Even though it looks similar, a lot of things have happened in between. At some point during the last year, the erratic touch-behavior of my phone has annoyed me one time too much and I went back to the iPhone 6plus which I had still lying around. During the few weeks that I was using it, it learned again that I so much more prefer to use Android.

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From 10 to 30mm - Screenshot

A screenshot from my blog in 2009. While moving my site I had the idea to browse through my long dismissed photoblog From 10 to 300mm on and ended up importing what I could recover. I’m still adding posts and was able to grab one screenshot of it’s looks in February 2009.

Currently Reading

I have been listening to audiobooks plenty before but since I started to use Storytel I have been a bit on binge. After having finished Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry I continued re-reading Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy read by Stephen Fry. I enjoyed how his reading brought the book to life, which also reminded me how much I liked his podcast when it was still around.

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Morning Panorama

I’m quite impressed with the panorama function of the Nokia 8 camera. It did handle the situation very well and much better than my previous phones.

What's next on my Reading List

Many things work better for me when I have a goal, a deadline or something like this and finding motivation for reading is not that different. Now that I finished my last book it is time to think what I want to read next. Dan Brown: Origin The latest book in the series with Robert Langdon. I am already half-way through this one, and like it so far.John Scalzi: Your Hatemail will the RatedJohn Scalzi: Don’t Live for your orbituary John Scalzi: The Last Colony (Old Man’s War #3) Yes, there is a lot of Scalzi in this list, but hey, he’s great and the first two books are like a collection of blog posts from this site (which is actually a great read in itself).

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Breakfast View

View at breakfast today.

My Todoist Report for 2017

Just as last year, Todoist has released the stats of the users usage. And you know how much I like stats. During 2017 I have mostly stuck to using Todoist hence I guess these numbers are fairly accurate and reflect my usage rather well. Mostly? There was this brief time, of a month and a half or such, in which I re-activated my old iPhone and thought it would be particular smart to try Things.

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