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Photoblogging Challenge Day 2: It’s not 100% on the point I would but it sure contains something Floating #mbaug

Had the First rehearsal for an upcoming Salsa gig today. The vacation is therefore almost over.

August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge: Up

Finished the audio drama adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”. It’s as great as one might think. Very recommended. 📚

Been walking the dog in the night the other day.

Koitelinkoski in Monochrome

Yesterday we took opportunity of the nice weather and drove out to Koitelinkoski. I have visited this location plenty, but somehow it is always nice to come back to. It has changed much though since the first time I visited there about 12 years ago. There had been lots of things to explore for the kids and I could even take a few images. Not much different than the others, but at least these are in B&W and feature some nice clouds.

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Almost a new Domain

My update-process continues and as such I updated/changed/edit (delete as appropriate) my blog’s domain to, and thus got rid of the subdomain blog. Amazing, I know. Since you read this, you found out already, and if not, well, I guess there’s no way to figure that out. And while I’m at it I’m also working a theme update. Not set on it yet though.


We took a short trip to the bird-watching tower in Limminka and captured this panorama shortly before it started to rain badly. We would have had more time there, but somehow I managed to take a wrong turn, or better no turn at all and we ended up somewhere totally different. Anyway, it’s a nice place to be and we will certainly go back there.

Hailuoto Beach

An image from yesterday’s trip to the beach. In the past I would have needed a tripod and my DSLR to capture an image like this, now an app comes close. Then again, the quality would have been better, but I would not have taken it, since I wouldn’t have carried it around.

At the Beach

Even though it had been colder than it looks, we took a trip to the beach in the morning.

Weeknotes 11

During the last week this blog had been rather silent, for the obvious reasons. I had, and still have, a hard time keeping politics out of this blog. I started this post a few times, and routinely ended up in a lengthy rant. I lack the political background to make a profound statement about the situation, but all I can say is that I have been shocked and in a constant state of anger and outrage at the racism in the states.

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Weeknotes No 10

During the weeks since my last weeks not much had happened, and mostly everything was, like for everyone else, one big Groundhog Day. That pretty much sums it up. The last week though saw our daughter’s birthday and two amazing cakes and was happy to have succesfully created an Ubuntu thumb-drive. That I have then used to revive an old, partly broken and otherwise unusable MacBook with a fresh Ubuntu install.

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A Frozen Cake

One of our daughters’ birthday wishes had been a “Frozen”-cake and my wife had made an awesome one!

Hauska Vappu 2020

It sure is a different “Vappu” this year, but my wife prepared, as every year, some nice “Munkki”.

2000 Pages of Sandman

While I more or less binged the rest of the series beginning from Vol.5, the first four volumes I read spread out other the last year with lots of other books in between. When arriving at the last few volumes, in which a lot of characters and story arcs were referenced, I figured that I had a hard time remembering some of the characters and stories. I figured those of course after a while and will re-read the series at some time anyway.

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Weeknotes #9

It’s “Corona Lockdown: Week 3” (I believe) and with it another week is done, suffice it to say, not much has changed. Here’s the gist. Working from Home This working from home, and hence sitting in front of the computer most of the day, has it consequences it seems. Good and bad. First of all I try to optimize my setup and make things working as smooth as possible on my machine by learning more shortcuts.

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New Ink Day - Diamine Earl Grey

I had been looking for a nice grey ink for use in my Bullet Journal as I start to feel the black I was using as too “contrast-y”. I then found Diamine Earl Grey and even after only little use, I feel that it’s just what I have been looking for and I’m sure the ink will find much more use around here. It is a very fun colour and as a bonus matches the pen very well.

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My long overdue "The Books I read in 2019" post

I’m rather happy with the outcome of last year’s list and I managed to read quite a few books. As always there is a lot of Neil Gaiman in there, and I also during this year have re-read quite a bit of his work. While many of the books were audiobooks actual physical books have made a huge comeback here, and by now I don’t know why I ever though that digital books were such a clever idea.

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Weeknotes #8

Since the last instalment of this series again a few months have passed, but I took a bit of a distance from the blog and my computer and in hindsight this was a very beneficial thing. It was good getting a distance and re-thinking the whole thing a bit. With the current situation being what it is (I briefly considered naming this post “Lockdown Week 2”) I am forced to sit in front of the screen, just like everyone else, much longer than I care for and I guess I need to have a distraction from time to time, which in return revived my interest in blogging.

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And my .com Domain is History as well

The other day I let yet another un-used domain I own(ed) expire and with it got rid of yet another piece in the mess of domains and subscription-services that I have accumulated over the years. It is by far not the first one as the process of getting-rid of things has started already in the last year and it turns out, I’m not going to be done with it for a while.

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The Thing with Instagram

Over the weekend I gave in and installed for the first time in about two years or such Instagram on my phone and started using it again. Much to my surprise I realized not only that I had fun, but also that I missed using it a bit. Okay only a little bit. Even in the best of times I had never been an avid user, but at least I used it since it almost since its inception whenever that had been.

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Every time I open Musecore after a little break I wonder why I shell out for Sibelius every month. Maybe I should be working it for a little longer while and then see if it could stick.

Update: Glorious spelling error: added “why”