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Weeknotes - The 'Hello World' Edition

The summer-vacation is slowly coming to an end and I'm equally slowly I try to get things up and running again and somehow get into a back-to-work attitude. That I'm trying to do that by writing a blog post somehow reflects my procrastination level. But here we go.

Blog - A fresh restart

When you read this I have managed to move and relaunch my blog. Since it had been mostly dormant for months I used that opportunity to do what I intended to do for a while: go self-hosted, using a flat-file system and am trying a complete fresh start, meaning: not moving any of my old entries (as I usually tend to do) and starting from scratch.

I have moved my blog way too many time and every time I move a boatload of old posts around, edited links and images and what not, literally spending hours importing and editing posts from 14 years ago that no-one but me ever will read. This time I try not to such a thing.

There I said it, no going back now.

I first intention had been to go down the HUGO road but in the end decided to rather use Orgmodes' ORG-PUBLISH which is doing what I need it to, and additionally gives me the opportunity to learn more about Emacs, stay in Emacs and therefore to stick to one environment.

It is in essence a very simple setup which in which I am able to understand what happens why. Sure I don't know every minutiae but in the grand scheme of things it is very easy to understand.

Eventually I will share the code, but at the moment things are simply very cobbled together - it works, but it is still a work in progress.


I did mention it is vacation or? So there had been not too much work-related things other than there had been, and still are more than usual concerts. The most recent and upcoming ones are listed on my /now-page.


It had been a slow time for reading anything in fact, but at the moment I'm still reading:

  • Peter Straub: Ghost Story
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