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Weeknotes End of Vacation Edition

The end of the vacation and the beginning of the school-year started with a somewhat appropriate, yet unwelcome change of weather and we faced somewhat heavy thunderstorms almost on a daily basis. On some weird level this is fun, but it makes riding on my finally fixed bike rather annoying.

This though gave me a good excuse to purchase a waterproof backpack and went with the Ortlieb "Metrosphere". I am happily surprised how light and comfy it is to carry. Should I ever have the urge to take a swim with my backpack, then I'm all set. My previous backpack is still great, and I really like it, but during said storms it rather quickly (we're talking here about walking 100m through pouring rain) soaked and I don't want to take any risks carrying my equipment.


Teaching has started and it does feel good to get back into a more structured daily routine, albeit the amount of time needed to prepare things is again mind-boggling - I already forgot about that.

I try to be more aware of the amount of time needed to finish each task, but I routinely remember to clock-in each task when I'm about to finish it. I have to be more consistent with that, as it would make sense to get the numbers how long it takes to prepare all the arrangements.


I have now (finally I daresay) set up email in my EMACS-config and with that I am, for the time being, fully equipped to do the majority of my computing tasks in EMACS and it had been great.

The way I have set it up, as of this moment, is not yet 100% great (I still have to learn how to optimize/automate a few tasks) but as usual I am getting there.

I find it very liberating to able to use the same movements, the same font/theme (you name it) for all my tasks.

In the process I have learned a few new skills using the terminal, which equally feels great. It turns out that it is much less intimidating than it felt in the beginning. Great and a plus-1 for learning new stuff.


There are again a few concerts coming up:

  • 18.8 Salsa de Curuna @Booti (Oulu) (already cancelled due to very un-salsa-like weather)
  • 1.9 TMQ feat. Inga Söder in Luleå/Sweden
  • 17.9 OASBB feat. Erja Lyytinen @Rio


I have struggled with it a bit, but eventually finished Peter Straub's "Ghost Story". It is a good book, but I have seen the movie version, maybe 25 years ago, and this somehow spoiled the experience for me even though I don't even think that the book and the movie have much in common, at the least if my memory serves me well here.

Since I really needed something different for a change and started to read:

  • Edward Snowdon: Permanent Record
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