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Oxford Blue

I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible a few months but I washed my fountain pen today and loaded up my new, and eagerly awaited ink and converters. Apparently that’s a thing that I do nowadays and it’s fun. The ink is much darker than I expected and still needs to get used to, which is another thing I didn’t thought possible earlier.


During the morning we took opportunity of the nice weather (and the not-so-hot-morning) to take a trip to the museum-island of Turkansaari. When we arrived there was almost no wind and the river calm enough for some nice reflections.

Beer Menu

Probably the most beautiful beer-menu that I have seen so far.

Morning Routine

It was a rather spartan hotel room the other day, but at least it had a table. I had a coffee and a rather minimal morning routine.

The Real Cat

If you read the book you know what I’m talking about.

One more Year, one more Ninja Cake

To celebrate our daughter’s 4th year birthday, Tiina made another great Ninja-Go cake.

Hauska Vappu

Hauska vappu everyone!

The Long-ish Day

I can already predict to not to be able to finish the post I started a few days ago, so a picture of a chair, some music and a saxophone will have to do for today.

Lego Batman

The Bat-Wall in the kids’ room got a new, very appropriate addition.

Bird's Nest

I had some unplanned time available and used that to purchase the new Charlie Parker Omnibook Vol.2. I have’t had much time yet to have a full look at it, after all, unplanned time available doesn’t equal a lot of it, but had fun playing through Bird’s Nest a bit.

Mario Day

I understand it is Mario Day today, so this image fits right in.

Teddy Bear Store

The window of a teddy-bear store.

A Fishing House Along the Road

Totally unrelated to anything at the moment, but I found this in the archives and realized that I haven’t shared it yet. An, obviously older image, from a trip to the Finnmark area in northern Norway.


Since it was nice and cold yesterday we took a trip to the beach. Why wouldn’t we?

Today’s view from the Hotel Window

It’s been long ride, and by now it’s pitch black outside. So yes, I’m currently at the Ylläs Jazz & Blues festival, where we are going to perform the music of Esperanza Spalding as a support act for the Ricky Tick Big Band. This is going to be a fun show. A quick side info: 9 years ago, during another concert trip, I launched my “personal blog” Too Much Latte while I was on the way here.

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Another “Woods in Winter” panorama

It was rather chilly outside the other day (somewhere between -15 and -24 in the night), and snow was coming down very gently during the day and nicely sticking to trees. I always like it when that happens, and I like how the tree trunks always stand out then. To create a panorama I tried simply walking along the path and keep the panorama-mode of the phone running. I had to to try this a few times until it I got a decent composition and later took one from a static vantage point.

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More Winter-Panoramas

Today, on the last day of the year we took the opportunity for a quick trip to Koitelinkoski. We have been here plenty before and this is one of our favourite places nearby. We grilled some sausages and I took a couple of panoramas. I selected one horizontal and one vertical for this post. The horizontal one was rather challenging since the white-balance changed rather radically from one left to right.

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A Winter Panorama

A lot of snow came down a few days ago and covered the landscapes with a couple of centimetres of fresh and clean snow. I always liked the look of fresh snow on the trees and took many similar images in the past. I visited this place already earlier in the morning, but it was still a tad too dark to take panoramas then. During dusk/dawn they tend to come out a tad too unsharp using the phone’s image processor, so I did the obvious and came back a little later to try again.

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Last Gig

At the last soundcheck on this trip.

Kaunis Pää

We used a bit downtime to walk up to the top of Kaunis Pää. What a nice view from here.

Arctic Circle

Gigging way up in the North today. Even though I crossed the Arctic circle uncountable times, it for some reason never looses its charm.

Frozen Rhubarb

Frozen over rhubarb surely is stuff out of Lovecraftian dreams.

Koitelinkoski Panorama

On the weekend we took advantage and went to Koitelinkoski to grill. It was nice weather and despite being quite full of visitors there we found a very good place to make a fire and throw some sausages on it. The panorama feature of phone did a good job again.

The Falcon

The Star Wars exhibition at Legoland is very nice. Some real great models there. Especially this Millennium Falcon.

Approaching Stockholm

A panorama taken approaching Stockholm.

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