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I should call this the "beginning of Autumn" edition, as it is about to get darker and I realize that purchase of a waterproof backpack had been just in time.


I'm having a /now page for a couple of years here on the blog and now that I'm updating this one, I wonder if it a) would be better not overwrite the current one, but rather creating a new one, thus creating an "archive" of sorts, and b) whether the page might be redundant since the "Weeknotes" are more or less the same. I will have to think about that.


I "launched" that ORG-PUBLISH version of this site a couple of weeks ago and find myself very rarely in the urge of tinkering with the design or something like this. I take this as a good thing.

I do find myself of changing the domain though, since I ended up once accidentally on a somewhat similar domain and didn't like what I was seeing. To avoid someone looking for this site (I hardly can imagine any wanting to - but that's a different story) and ending up elsewhere made me think whether it would make sense to change the domain (again - I just got rid of all my unused ones).

I'm still thinking about that and try to come up with something unique, which means, that it will take a while.

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The concept of a NOW page is developed by Derek Sivers. Thanks to Derek for the inspiration.