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a personal blog, by Sven Seebeck
Husband, father, makes music. Has a thing for notebooks, fountain-pens, blogging and photography. Usually am overthinking this.


I have once again moved this blog (when you are reading this it is most likely hosted on Micro.Blog, and have to do some more setting up to do until things are the way I would like them to. There are still plenty of posts that I will have to import, so that will take a while.

As usual, I will most likely also do quite a bit of fiddling with the (or a) theme. No surprise here. So far I have been trialing quite a few themes, but still haven’t quite found the solution that I’m looking for.

Until I’m done (will I ever) you might click here for a random post.

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The concept of a NOW page is developed by Derek Sivers. Thanks to Derek for the inspiration.