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When I switched back to an iPhone a month or so ago, one of first apps that I got was Spectre and I’m glad I did

During my time on Android I of course read about Spectre when it was released, but had no way of trying it. And then, once I got it, I still had no real chance to try it, since all rivers were still frozen and I’m not that interested in photographing light-trails.

I had to wait. And today, you guessed right, was the time to give it a try.

Taking advantage of the nice weather we went to Koitelinkoski and as a side effect I could give it a spin. With the sun already high up in the sky it was very bright and the light was way too harsh to take a good landscape image, and the more I was amazed to see how well the app performed.

What suprised me the most was how well it worked even handheld. Bad light aside, an image like the above wouldn’t even be possible on my 5D handheld and I would need at least an ND-filter to get a long enough exposure.

The following was another test and it again worked just fine.

The app is really great and I’m looking forward to try it out even more in the future. And yes, before someone points it out, I also got Halide from the same developers and it is an equally great app. But that’s maybe another post.

The other day I ran into an older post of mine and realized that the hero-image was missing. So, after a short search, I found and re-downloaded it again.

Then I remembered that I once experimented with an app (I wish I’d remember which) which filters the heck out an image to make it, among many other things, look more a sketch. I used that app to create hero-images for a while, but eventually forgot about it again. I guess the novelty wore off.

That though didn’t stop me looking for the app (still can’t remember the name) but I found with Brushstroke, a similiar one, but with more control on the outcome.

During a break earlier in the day I played around with it a bit, with some fun results as you can see in the above image, which is an old image of mine from the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

From my short testing the app seems to work well with some images and with others not at all. I might put out a few more from time to time.

And yes, in all of this, I still haven’t updated the post which started all of this.

From Stephen Fry’s Great Leap Years:

It tells the story of how our lives have been transformed by a fascinating and compelling mixture of human decision and vision, greed and need.

I had this podcast on my list for a while, but never came around to finally listen to it, but now I finally managed. I guess being on a audiobook-hiatus” helps.

I’m only three episodes in and it is very interesting. It’s somehow along the lines of his Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets Audible book which I read last year.

I enjoy Stephen Fry’s presentation, or reading for that matter, and it turns out that a rather large portion of the audiobooks that I read/listened last year, were read by him. Most notably the 70+ hour Sherlock Holmes - The Definite Collection, which was a delight to listen to.

Not everything is nice about this rather early spring: I’m seeing reports of dog having gotten ticks already. Getting our dog protected now. I really don’t like those buggers.

As it is steadily getting warmer and the snow quickly melts away now, I decided to be both optimistic about the weather and to try something new: I got me a cap.

I can’t remember the last time I owned one and I’m still getting used to it but I almost don’t look totally dumb in it.

It a been going on for a few weeks that every, but the first coffee of the day, started to taste like the liquid equivalent of sandpaper. So I’m sticking with tea for most of the day, which, considered what happened the last time I switched to tea, might be not the worst thing to happen.