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The 1989 Batmobile… Let’s do this.

Don't expect updates anytime soon

well, at least on reading-updates or possibly on things I watched. Thing is that we got HBO-Max and I started to re-watch “The Big Bang Theory” which is again huge fun. While it was on TV I think I only got up to 7th season or so, so there is a lot to catch up with. Also I started reading the audiobook of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World. Looking at the numbers, 14 books, each about 30 hours in length and an average reading time of one hour a day, I expect to be finished with the series in somewhere around Christmas next year.

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Showtime: minus 50 min.

@Korundi Jazz Festival

Tomorrow on the 6th of November 2021 the T:M:Q-Quintett feat. Nina Mya will perform on the Korundi Jazz Festival in Rovaniemi. If any of the above means anything to you, you know where to go to. See you there!

Finished reading the audio-book of Clive Barker’s “Mister B Gone” during the night. Who thought the life-story of a demon could be both grizzly and fun. The book was read, performed in fact, by “Pinhead” actor Doug Bradlely (Hellraiser), who I was delighted to learn, also has a series of classic horror stories he’s performing. Great! πŸ“š

And no, I didn’t burn the book.

It took me less than a day to be reminded as to why I stopped using digital for my task management in the first place. That was quick.

Update yet one more day later: still fiddling with getting that to work better. I can’t be helped.

Weeknotes #13

I missed the obviously best opportunity to publish the 13th edition of the Weeknotes on Halloween, but at least it is still in the ballpark. Since my last Weeknotes had been months in the past, naturally a lot of things have happened and it would be out of the scope of one measly post to fill you up on all things. So, let’s just pretend the gap never happened and here’s what happened during the past few weeks.

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I have been using pen and paper with the Bullet Journal Method successfully and efficiently for more than two years now and have a setup that I would describe as damn near to perfect for me. Which is great. So naturally it was time therefore to give Todoist another try.

I don’t know why I’m doing that.

It’s that time of the year, another carved out pumpkin. Some how I feel the design is the same every year. Maybe the next one will be different.

But anyway, happy Halloween.

As I’m tinkering with my blog’s design I realized how much is now possible with the new features in the Gutenberg editor. I’m kind of looking forward to see what’s going to be possible once Side-Wide editing is released.

New Nib-Day

My fountain-pen hobby addiction extents now to nibs as well. From the day I got it the Kaweco Brass Sport had been my favourite fountain-pen and I have enjoyed writing with it, the feel of the brass and the fact that the body itself is so solid that I don't have to worry about breaking it when carrying it around. Great! Over the time I have developed a rather small handwriting and while I have been rather satisfied with the stock EF-nib that I have been using on the Brass I kept looking into other pens to improve the writing feel with an EF nib.

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It took only a couple of months for him to be in charge of the remote.

(Very) Slowly going back to Emacs

During the last few weeks I have spent some time re-learning and configuring EMACS again. I already had a working-for-me setup last year on Linux but then switched the OS (don’t ask, I had reasons, it’s complicated and I regret doing it anyway) and on Windows it had been too fiddly to set up. Now, with the death of the laptop, the chapter is done and I’m getting very slowly back into it… very slowly.

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I have read quite a few books by V.E.Schwab during the past few years and today I finished “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue”. Needless to say that I enjoyed it. It is a very compelling story. πŸ“š

And a quick shot while walking the dog as little addendum to my previous post.

At the shop to get the winter tyres on, just in time for the first snow that made it appearance during the night.

While I doubt I will manage through the whole month, I can at least try. October Photoblogging Challenge #1, touch πŸ“·

On the weekend we went for a quick visit at the bird-watching-tower, which would have involved more watching if we would have remembered the binoculars.

Comment Styling for Marfa theme

Now that I relaunched my Micro.Blog and posted my first post in a year it seemed reasonable do some fiddling with the CSS. Why wouldn’t I? I did some adjustments to the Coment-Section which appeared to be completely unstyled. So, in case anyone is interested: /* Comment Styling */ .microblog_post { font-size: 0.938em ; margin: 1em 0 0 0; border: 1px solid #eee; border-radius: 4px; padding: 1em; } .microblog_post:first-of-type { margin-top: 4em } .

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I know, it's Been A While

After re-launching this blog and updating it with a whooping six posts this year, I also re-launched my Micro-Blog today. Over the course of the past weeks and months I found myself again thinking that I may have had enough of a social-media/blogging break and frequently caught myself situations in which I thought, ‘hey, that would be fun sharing’. Needless to say, I never did. Today though I took first measures and reactivated my Micro.

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During the last year I grew very tired about all things Social and eventually stopped posting anything anywhere, even to my blog. The latter had seen some “resurection” during this year and for the last few weeks I felt the urge for some microblogging again. Hope this will last.

Another Trip to Hailuoto

I’m afraid the summer vacation is coming slowly to an end but the other day we spontaneously took another short trip to Hailuoto. As opposed to the last few weeks we were greeted with strong wind and much more agreeable temperatures than the recent blazing heat.

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Weeknotes #12

It now little more that a year since the last post in this category. Is it time to stop calling them Weeknotes? Maybe not yet. Also the blog had been dormant as well for the last ten months and since I planned on “re-launching” the whole thing, I thought I might as well do so by continuing this series before the dormant-ness of this blog has an anniversary as well. Needless to say since the last post many things worth mentioning have happened, but bringing them up right here and now seems unreasonable and would require me digging through my collections of journals and figuring it out in the first place.

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My Baum-Kuchen Studio delivery arrived and contained, amongst a few other things, also this nice sticker which looks great on my Travelers Notebook. I just hope the sticker will stick a while.

A short trip to Hailuoto

Nice! I knew that the feature had been in the works and now the new Story feature in Wordpress had been enabled. I quickly put it to use with some images from yesterdays, admittedly short and rather cold day trip, to the island of Hailuoto. Immediately is obvious that the images should be in portrait-mode. Since you can see only about 30% of each image, here they are again:

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