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I’m a slow reader and not that far into Tiamats Wrath” yet (28% to be precise), but I’m sure that Timothy is Amos in disguise. Which is great, because Amos is my favourite character in the series. And since I’m guessing, I don’t think this qualifies as a spoiler 📚.

Just this morning I read somewhere about the Disney+ streaming thingy and upcoming movie releases and wondered what happened to Episode IX, since it wasn’t mentioned at all. I’m rather excited that I don’t have wonder anymore.

Also will have to read up on the panel show.

And yes, great title of the movie.

There was a lot of space-stuff that I ran into during the last week, most notably of course the picture of the black hole yesterday, which, I guess, everyone has seen already. What I found particularly interesting is the size of it. It’s gigantic, as nicely illustrated on XKCD. Kind of hard to imagine.

And yes, someone ought to have made the joke that it looks like the Eye of Sauron already, or?

Also, by pure chance I ran into two podcasts (Astrobiology” on Ologies and What’s under the Ice of Europa” on Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe) on the possibility of life on Europe. Both very interesting.

Brilliant and true: Similarities Between the One Ring and a Typical Smartphone

In case any of you are wondering, but I have solved my backpack issue from earlier and opted for the Evergoods - CPL 24, and up to now it’s a winner.

I have been using the bag for about 2 months every day and like it a lot. It’s comfy, sturdy, keeps shape, I can find my stuff in it and organize my things in there just the way I like it. Even though the bag itself has three organizer pockets, I got a Bagsmart organizer to organize cables and some other small stuff I got though.

I will have at some point a rather unspectecular What’s in my Bag” post and might do a bit of a review on the bag at some point, but so far I’m very pleased with this bag.

Just read a thought provoking article on How much can we afford to forget, if we train machines to remember? on Aeon. Very interesting.