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On this page you'll get a little bit of info about the tools that I'm using to run this site.

I will not go at length into the minutiae but let's just say, this blog has moved plenty since its inception in 2008, but the version you are visiting right now is built with EMACS and ORGMODE. As you can see in fact in the footer of this site.

I have built it with the ORG-PUBLISH function and the site is hosted on Uberspace.de.

I went down this route since it gives me the control that I'm looking for, helps me to learn more about Emacs and Elisp and the whole process takes place in the same environment that I'm working in most of the time.

My intention had been to keep the site as minimal and fast as possible, but I still chose to use with "Source Serif" a serif font which is close to my favorite serif, Charter, but is more modern and contains much more font-features, such as small caps.

The RSS-feed is built with webfeeder.el, which works well and is fast.

This site is under constant construction and things will likely change frequently, break or simply disappear.