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I ran into the idea of a /USING page while visiting some personal blogs (as one should) found the idea compelling. So, this is mine, it is nowhere near completion, but I will update as I go.


  • Fedora 36
  • Android 11 (possibly)


I hate apps! Well, I don't really hate them, but I think the sheer overload of choices doesn't make things any easier and hence I have started to develop a certain minimalism and try to use as few solutions as I can get away with.

On the desktop I currently use:


I try to use Emacs for everything at the moment and am more than happy with my current setup and the possibilities it offers, plus I'm learning new things all the time (such as building this website).

Currently I use it for:

  • Task-Management
  • RSS (Elfeed)
  • Email
  • Note-taking/Journaling/Blogging (Denote)
  • All my writing (for work and everything else=
  • Building this website
  • Browsing the web (not a lot but increasingly so)


I started out with Finale and after years of sticking with it I switched, after a very brief stint to Musecore, over to Sibelius for another couple of years. I liked it, but the app is so bloated, cumbersome to use, in many ways annoying (I have a long list, but spare you the rant) and slow, that I switched back to Musecore at the end of 2019 and haven’t looked back since. Another win for Open Source Software.


Firefox, wouldn't know why I should use something else. Also I like how I can edit CSS in there.


It’s the usual story: After running the blog on Pixieblog, Wordpress (self- and non-self-hosted), Ghost, Scriptgram I ran the blog on Blot.im for a year and eventually planned on switching over to Hugo (already had spent some good time learning it, tweaking the theme and set up Emacs for publishing), then went back to WordPress after all (which had been dumb decision) before I moved the blog over to Micro.blog and now, finally, host the blog myself and am building it with org-publish.

This way I have good control about what is happening, all the files live nicely on my machine, I don't have to deal with any dependencies and it should be rather low maintenance. Bonus point here for learning new skills.

Bullet Journal

Despite, or maybe even because of, all the digital things, I found in the Bullet Journalists a mismanagement system that works better for me than the digital systems I used in in the past.

Currently I’m using the Bullet Journal System with a few of my own tweaks (added a Weekly-Log plus a few more notifiers).


Currently running my journal(s) with/on Midori notebooks. Both in A5 and B6slim.


I have accumulated plenty of pens since I started this in 2019 and currently my most used one is the Kaweco Sport Brass with an EF nib and the Kaweco Student with EF nib.

Testing this.