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Husband, father, makes music. Has a thing for notebooks, fountain-pens, blogging and photography. Usually am overthinking this.

@amit Oh! This is nice! Great work!

@colinwalker I’m not sure if it’s right. But somehow seems reasonable.

@colinwalker Sure. I will watch it myself as well. I understand that the first season is roughly the first three (?) books.

@colinwalker I haven’t watched it so far (am reading the books right now) but one complaint I heard was that it is many ways rather (annoyingly) different from the books. But I will watch it anyway soon.

@manton This is very nice looking 👍🏻

@mcg hmm. Interesting 🤔

@amit Very nice theme! If I wouldn’t have spent the majority of the last week tweaking my current one I would easily switch to this.

@pimoore I haven't read that post, will have to look for that. Thanks. I too have used Things, OF, Todoist and what not, which all worked well but I always had the feeling that I loose the birdseye of things that I have/want/need to do. I didn't realise that until I started with pen/paper, here I just get frustrated with having to do all the work.

I kind of hope that with a plain-text workflow I might be able to get the flexibility of paper (to some extent) with the convenience of digital.

That being said I'm sure I hit some issues once I get the phone into the mix. I already looked at NotePlan, which seems to suit me, but I'm really getting tired of getting another thing with a subscription.

@colinwalker Oh my. That's a sad.

@amit That’s a nice one 👍🏻

@maique Crap! Hope it’s going to pass quickly.

@pimoore Thanks, glad you like it. I'm still tinkering with it a bit, but so far I'm rather satisfied with it.

@maique Nice! Congrats!